After picking you up at your hotel we will take the highway 68 witch will take us towards the central coast. This trip takes 120 km enjoying of a beautiful panoramic of the 2 valleys Curacavi and Casablanca. At the second valley we will make a stop at an Organic Vineyard called Emiliana. A very important valley for the production of wine. Here we will be for aprox 30 to 40 minutes. Where we give the  option of having a wine tasting or just enjoy of the place. We continue our journey to Viña del Mar a very turistic city of the central coast. We have lunch in this city and continuo our trip getting to know important places. We head towards Valparaiso located only 10 minutes from Viña del Mar. Have a contrast on this tour of both cities. Valparaiso is world known for its history and considered in a moment  as THE JEWEL OF THE PACIFIC. Here we will just be amazed by its beauty in every corner of the city. We refer to a diferent beauty comparing to viña del mar. Visit the important areas such as Plaza Sotomayor, Paseo 21 mayo, hills of the city etc. After a day of contrast we go back to the city of Santiago witch will take us 1 hour 30 minutes aprox.


DEPARTURE :                    08:30 TO 09:00 AM (CONFIRM DEPARTURE)

ARRIVAL :                           6:00 A 7:00 PM APROX
EXCLUDES :                      LUNCH / OPTIONAL TASTING